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Exercise from Home

During the lockdown and especially for those who need to stay at home, getting enough exercise is vital for our physical and mental well being. It also boosts the immune system. Many of us are working from home now, while others are staying home because they are vulnerable or elderley, or minding children.

With gyms still closed and limited access to public spaces for exercise a routine that we can mangage at home is a great answer.   It also needs to work in a confined space with limited equipment, and be designed to avoid causing any discomfort or injury.

Physiotherapists specialise in developing, maintaining or restoring movement and functional ability using evidence-based practice. They also relieve pain and treat or prevent physical conditions associated with injury, disease or other impairments.   They can help us to keep our bodies active and strong, while avoiding strains or injuries.

These videos, one for adults and the other for the elderley, have been put together by physiotherapists to show some simple routines that will help you to look after your health at home.

For adults

For adults here are some great fitness routines recommended by Swansea Physiotherapists.


For the elderly

The exercises in the video below have been recommended and approved by the UK Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.  Expert physiotherapists have designed these six simple exercises so that you can do them from your own home.